​The Farrington Contest & Awards
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Saturday, April 6, 2019 8:00 A.M. -1:00 P.M.
Northbrook HS, Raider Circle North # 1
Houston, TX 77080

The Farrington Contest & Awards are hosted by HATFL (Houston Area Teachers of Foreign Languages) each year in honor of Curtis Farrington, an original founder and the first president of HATFL. All students studying a language other than English are invited to participate in the Farrington Contest. HATFL will present the Farrington awards to students for an outstanding performance in all languages and levels tested.

List of Winners 2019 Farrington


Spanish Heritage Speakers
*No students who hold outside experience or heritage learners may be registered for levels I, II, or III. Outside experience is defined as any student who has lived or studied for any length of time in an environment where the target language is spoken. When in doubt contact the language representative on the next page. Heritage Speakers are those students who have been exposed at some level to the language in their home environment.  

Exam Format for The Farrington Contest
Part 1: Multiple Choice Exam & Presentational Writing: The multiple choice exam will be given first to all entrants and will be limited to one hour. All students will be asked to complete a writing portion which will be used only for breaking ties. Only top scoring students will be requested to remain for the speaking portion. 

Part 2: Interpersonal Speaking: All students competing for the Farrington awards should be prepared to speak about general topics related to course objectives for the test they are taking. Advanced level tests will include the use of past and future tenses in discussing cultural comparisons and contrasts. 

ASL: The ASL exam will consist of the Interpersonal Speaking portion ONLY. The top 5 finalists will participate in a secondary round of interviews which will include advanced level topics.

Awards & Ceremony
Awards & Ceremony: All students who participate in the Farrington contest will receive a certificate of participation from the proctor administering their written exam. The awards ceremony for finalists will take place immediately following the oral testing and the reception, close to 12:00 noon. Students placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in each category will receive a medal recognizing their accomplishment. The two remaining finalists will receive Honorable Mention medals.

How to Enter Your Students
Deadline for Registration ($5 per student) for the 2019 Farrington Awards is March 26, 2019. 

Each campus can enter up to three (3) STUDENTS PER LANGUAGE PER LEVEL – Please use the online registration if possible, otherwise you may make paper copies and mail them. 

​There will be NO onsite registration.

Students must be in the appropriate level of the language or they must have just completed the level.

Entry fee for each student must accompany the 2019 Farrington Contest Entry Form.

Entry forms and fees must be submitted or postmarked by March 26, 2019 or they will not be accepted. Checks are to be made payable to HATFL.

Teachers who enter students into the Farrington Contest must be a current 2018-2019 HATFL member.  If you attended the HATFL Fall Annual Meeting (with Meredith White), you are a member.  Otherwise, the teacher will need to include a $10.00 Teacher HATFL membership fee. 

Teachers may be asked to assist during contest (i.e. proctoring, oral interview, judge, etc.)


Entry fee for each student must be paid with a check or online via Pay Pal (an invoice will be sent to your email if you select this option when registering). Send checks to Heather Harrelson at 19939 Chasewood Park Dr. #3202 Houston, TX 77070. Make checks payable to HATFL.

                                          Register Here - see you next year!

Questions? Who to Contact



German: heidiskirby@katyisd.org



Registration & Payment: heather.harrelson@cfisd.net


**Professional development certificates will only be given to teachers or staff members who are facilitating the contest such as test proctors, HATFL board members, facilitators, etc.