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Farrington Contest and Awards
The Farrington Competition will be held January 30, 2016 at Northbrook High School.

Farrington Awards are given by HATFL each year in honor of Curtis Farrington, an original founder and the first president of HATFL. These awards are funded from contributions, entry fees, and membership dues. This year they are funded through the generous contributions of the exhibitors at the annual meeting. HATFL is presenting the Farrington Awards January 30th the same day of testing, to outstanding students in all languages and levels tested.

Languages and Levels

ESL Levels 1, 2 and Advanced, French, German, and Latin: Levels I, II, III and Advanced: 
No Heritage Speaker may test in these languages in any level. 
ASL: Levels I, II, and III.
Spanish (non-native.): Levels I, II, III, and Advanced 
Spanish Heritage Speakers: Intermediate and Advanced
Japanese: Levels II, III, and IV No Heritage Speaker may test in this language.
No students who are considered outside experience or heritage learners may be registered for levels I or II. Outside experience is defined as any student who has lived or studied for any length of time in an environment where the target language is spoken. When in doubt contact the language representative on the next page. Heritage Speakers are those students who have been exposed at some level to the language in their home environment.

Need a Farrington registration form? Click here.