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Expected coverage of the functions and grammar for each level

Level II (Halfway through level II : 45/50 min/day x 54 weeks) 
1.Greetings/formulaic expressions
2.Self introduction
3.Ask for and tell numbers, quantity, time, days of the week, days of the month, price, etc.
4.Report routine, current, future, and past events (present/future, present progressive, past tense of the verbs in masu (polite) form)
5.Express existence (present, past)
6.Make suggestions (let’s ~)
7.Describe people/items with adjectives (i-adj, na-adj, te-form, past tense of adjectives)
8.Request (please V)

Level III (Halfway through level III : 45/50 min/day x 90 weeks)

1.All the functions/grammar of level II + all the plain forms of the verbs
2.Issue and respond to invitations (Would you like to ~? Yes, that would be great. No, thank you.)
3.Make suggestions (Why don’t you ~ )
4.Talk about experience (Have you ever V?)
5.Express wants and needs (want N、want to V,  someone wants to V, N is needed)
6.Express quantity (expression of frequency, basic counters, etc.) When/while clause (~ 時、〜たら、〜ながら、間)
7.Quotation (I think “    “. He said “  --  “.)
8.Express “it looks + adjective“
9.Seek and give permission, give negative request

Level IV (Halfway through level IV : 45/50 min/day x 124 weeks)

1.All the functions/grammar of level II and III
2.Describe sequence of events(Use of connectors)
3.Give examples, reasons, excuse, etc
4.Give simple commands/instructions
5.Comparison, giving preference
8.Noun phrases