American Sign Langauge

ASL I Objectives

*5 Parameters of a sign (demonstrate correct sign production)
*Numbers 1-1000
*Age Signs (correct number incorporation)
*Family Members
*Hobbies & Interests
*School (classes and locations)
*Descriptive Words
*Giving directions (correct use of signer’s perspective)
*Correct facial expression for Yes/No questions
*Correct facial expression for Wh (information) questions
*Basic sentence structure (question forms, etc.)

ASL III Objectives

*Fluent fingerspelling/reception
*Advanced use of ASL grammar structure
*Role shifting
*Extensive use of classifiers
*Cultural Information
- What do you know about Cochlear Implants?
- Differences in Deaf & Hearing Cultures (not good or bad, just different)
- Educational choices for Deaf
*Supported opinion – school uniforms, seatbelts/helmets, no pass/no play, after school jobs for teens
*Sign me a story
*Descriptive -  describe a person, place, etc using correct classifiers

ASL II Objectives

*Greater fingerspelling fluency
*Increased use of ASL sentence structure (topic comment, and object/subject/verb)
*Increased use of classifiers
*Time signs (correct number incorporation)
*Transportation & Housing
*Basic food signs
*Travel & Vacation
*Basic Weather & Holiday signs
*Descriptions of people
*Giving directions (how-to) – plan a party, play a game, make a recipe, etc.)

Testing procedures:

State of Texas ASL Repository (free resources for teachers)
TOOL (online library resources for teachers - more items more time!)